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    March 22, 2010

    Continued growth spurs new building projects


    The Adelphi Group of Companies has just completed the second phase of development of their 1 hectare site (2.5 acres) in Haywards Heath.  The new building is an 800 square meter two storey block providing 400 square metres of machine hall on the ground floor and 400 square metres of office space on the first floor.

    The aim of the building project was to provide a modern office and machine hall space to meet the ever increasing demands of the group as a whole.  Extra warehousing space has become available for Adelphi Healthcare Packaging to expand the quantity and range of primary healthcare packaging products they are able to stock.  Adelphi Masterfil and Adelphi Coldstream have increased their machine hall space to cope with the growing demand for filling capping machines, process vessels and mixers, which are supplied to the lube oil, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry worldwide.

    The building features several innovative, energy efficient ideas which are incorporated in the design.  These include:

    • New super digital inverter room temperature control which reduces energy consumption by up to 40% compared with traditional fixed speed units.
    • Solar tube lighting provides brilliant natural day light to dark office areas thus reducing energy costs by reducing the use of electric lights.
    • Rain water harvesting system which collects filtered rain water from roofs and is then stored in large underground tanks. This water is sufficient to service the toilets, machine hall cleaning and grounds for up to two months with no rain. New design four litre toilet cisterns with half flush facility operate throughout the building using the harvested rain water.

    It was Adelphi’s policy that where possible components and supplies for the new building were sourced locally.

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