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  • Going ‘Green’

    January 10, 2012

    ‘Green’ technologies feature heavily in latest round of site development


    The Adelphi Group has just completed the latest phase of development at their UK headquarters in Haywards Heath.

    Construction of an additional state of the art 800 square meter warehouse was completed in just 24 weeks, right on schedule…..and on budget.  The new warehouse is a major addition to the site and will enable the Adelphi Group of Companies to deliver even better service to its many customers.

    Far more than just a big shed, this new building is brimming with the latest technologies.  A mobile racking system helps to ensure that every cubic meter of extra space is fully utilised, whilst the comprehensive insulation ensures that the temperature is easily controllable without incurring excessive heating costs.  In addition, 50Kw photovoltaic panels and a rain water harvesting system have made the whole site totally self-sufficient in terms of electricity and non-drinking water consumption.  With excess power feeding back into the grid, the investment in green technology it is already proving profitable both for the company accounts, and for the environment.

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