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  • System F Prototype – Sold

    June 10, 2016

    Laleham Health & Beauty purchase prototype System F filler following trialsSystem F - Sold

    We are very pleased to confirm that the prototype of the newly developed System F auto filler has now been sold to cosmetic & toiletries manufacturer Laleham Health & Beauty. The machine was installed in Laleham’s factory for several months, giving Adelphi the benefit of extensive testing in a production environment with a particularly testing product, and giving Laleham the opportunity to keep up with their production demands when only costly alternatives were available to fill their salt and sugar based scrubs. At the end of the testing period Laleham found that the filler had proved itself to be a benefit to the business which couldn’t be lost, and came to the decision to purchase the machine. Adelphi are of course delighted with the result.

    To read further on Laleham’s testing of System F and Laleham representatives Paul Marr (pictured) and Jason Eggbeer’s thoughts on the machine, click here.




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