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    October 30, 2016


    Continued growth calls for a surge in recruitment at Adelphi

    The past 6 months has seen several new members of staff join the team here at Adelphi, expanding our numbers even further. Our Export Department, Customer Service Department, and Sales Department have all recruited in the last few months. In addition, our Engineering Department has welcomed another Mechanical Design Engineer, Ben Wooller, who will focus solely on revamping Laboratory Equipment’s range, starting off by refreshing the look of our Apollo liquid viewers. He will work alongside our Technical Director Jeremy Hart, who will continue to focus his efforts on developing Adelphi Process Equipment’s bespoke vessels and other specialised items.

    Warehouse Manager Chris Bedford also gained the new title of Estates Director for Adelphi Holdings, giving him official responsibility for the care of all Adelphi buildings & the grounds.


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