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  • Adelphi Launches New Showroom

    June 11, 2018

    Adelphi Launches New Showroom


    The Adelphi Group of Companies are celebrating the opening of their new showroom, specially designed and constructed to host clients, and to showcase services and facilities at their best.

    A labour of love, the showroom was designed in-house by the same creative team behind many of the Adelphi products. A turnover time of just six months saw the space transformed; previously an area left vacant following the production department’s historic move to The Friary, it has become a state of the art showroom in which to host customers from all over the world, adding another facility to the Adelphi repertoire.

    Visiting a company’s showroom is a highly beneficial experience for customers, offering tangible advantages that extend beyond online interactions. Showrooms provide customers with the opportunity to physically examine and interact with products, gaining a first-hand understanding of their features, quality, and functionality. This hands-on experience fosters greater confidence in purchasing decisions, allowing customers to make informed choices. Additionally, showrooms often showcase the latest product innovations and offer a glimpse into the company’s commitment to quality and design. The personal touch of a showroom visit includes the chance to seek expert advice and guidance from knowledgeable staff, addressing any queries or concerns directly. Showrooms create a immersive and engaging environment, allowing customers to visualize how products fit into their lives. Overall, visiting a company’s showroom enhances the customer experience, facilitating a more informed, confident, and satisfying shopping journey.

    Adelphi is keenly focused on customer care; the quality of the experience reflects the quality of the products, and investing in a new showroom is another way in which we can help customers make the best choice. In the current economic climate, such an investment sends a very positive message to staff and clients alike.

    Adelphi Coldstream’s Associate Director Nicola Jones, who was instrumental in the showroom’s construction, has commented that “I am extremely proud of our staff, our facilities and the services we provide. Adelphi is a family owned company with an international reach, and our new showroom exemplifies this; its scale and finish reflects our ethos of professionalism, which does not come at the expense of the more personal touches”.

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