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  • Complete syringe processing applications readily available for pharmaceutical, R&D and veterinary environments

    May 9, 2022

    The Adelphi Group of Companies offers complete syringe processing solutions for Laboratories, Cleanrooms, R&D Team, Veterinary’s and more…..

    Adelphi Manufacturing

    Adelphi Manufacturing design, manufacture and supply a range of processing equipment for all stages of your production process:


    Adelphi MFG - Bottle Vial Syringe Test Tube Washer (3)

    Syringe Washer

    • For container neck diameters between 9.5 mm and 100 mm
    • Thorough cleaning; jets of water clean every part of the container interior.
    • Interchangeable nozzles so the unit can be used to wash bottles, vials, syringes and/or test tubes.

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    XYZ Distributor - Peristaltic Benchtop Filling Machine
    XYZ Distributor

    • Ideal for nested syringes
    • Bacteriological inline filtration can be performed at the outlet side of the pump.
    • Some customers place the XYZ Distributor into a glove box or laminar flow box, to ensure a higher level of hygienic filling.

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    Manual Syringe Stopper Press

    Syringe Stopper Press

    • To accommodate glass or plastic syringes of 6.35mm bore or greater.
    • Easy and efficient insertion of stoppers into pre-filled syringes, ensuring that all air is expelled.
    • Hygienic 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel contact parts, to eliminate the risk of contamination.

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    Apollo II Dimmable liquid inspection viewer

    Apollo Liquid Inspection Units

    • Ideal for glass syringes
    • Simple particulate detection solutions.
    • Optional model with 1.7x magnification.
    • Two models EU & US Pharmacopoeia compliant, for transparent containers.

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    Adelphi Healthcare Packaging

    Adelphi Healthcare Packaging supply high quality syringes, injectors and dropper assemblies. Their range of pharmaceutical packaging is available from stock for rapid distribution:

    Premium Primary Packaging:

    Syringes - Adelphi HP


    Pharma Hygiene Products

    Part of the Adelphi Group of Companies, Pharma Hygiene Products offer high quality, hygienic stainless steel process equipment, from buckets, beakers and utensils to custom design mixing vessels:

    Durable Stainless Steel:

    Hygienic Stainless Steel Process Equipment

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