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  • Four Processes – One Supplier Washing, Filling, Crimping & Inspecting Equipment for Vials

    May 24, 2022

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    Vial Washer

    1. WASHING: Vial/ Bottle/ Test Tube Washer

    • For containers neck diameters between 9.5 mm and 100 mm.
    • Powerful cleaning; jets of water clean every part of the vial interior.
    • Interchangeable nozzles so the unit can be use to wash bottles, vials, syringes and/or test tubes.

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    XYZ Peristaltic Laboratory Benchtop Vial Filling Machine

    2: FILLING: XYZ Distributor & Peristaltic Pump

    • Quick and efficient filling, from a compact footprint: just 790 x 625 x 390 mm.
    • Outstanding accuracy of +/-0.5% (compared to the industry average of up to +/-1%).
    • Versatile solution to fills vials, bottles and nested syringes.

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    Powered Laboratory Vial Crimper

    3. CRIMPING: Powered Vial Crimper

    • Designed for ‘plain’, ‘flip top/flip off’ and ‘flip tear up’ seals.
    • Quick and efficient to set up and use.
    • Crimping and de-capping of 13 and 20mm seals.
    • Foot pedal reduces operator fatigue.

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    Laboratory Liquid Inspection Viewer

    4. INSPECTING: Apollo Liquid Inspection Units
    Simple particulate detection solutions




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