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    Automatic bottle capping machines and closing machines. Maintain productivity with the Adelphi range from UAE.

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    UK & Ireland Only

    TGM S420 Tube Filler & Sealer

    An automatic filling and sealing solution for metal, polyethylene and laminate tubes, up to 4,200/h

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    UK & Ireland Only

    TGM B600 Tube Filler & Sealer

    An automatic tube filling and sealing solution for both metal and laminate tubes, up to 5,000/h

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    UK & Ireland Only

    TGM B620 Tube Filler & Sealer

    An automatic tube filling and sealing solution for both metal and laminate tubes, up to 6,000/h

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    UK & Ireland Only

    TGM M100 Filler & Closer

    Automatic filling, stopping and sealing of small containers, including in clean room environments.

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    Enercon Induction Sealers

    Designed to stop leaks, enhance shelf life, provide tamper evidence and preserve freshness.

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    • Liquid Filling

      Adelphi UAE innovative Bottle and Liquid Filling Machines: Reliable semi-automatic solutions or fully automated production lines.

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    • Capping & Closing

      Capping machines and solutions from UAE. Choose from benchtop solutions to fully automated production lines.

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    • Drum Decanting

      The Adelphi drum decanting unit and drum cradle dispenser is durable and robust. It provides precision, repeatability and hygiene.

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    • Turnkey Packaging Lines

      Take advantage of our 70+ years’ experience in turnkey packaging machines; we can advise the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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    • Entry Level Automation

      Entry Level solutions to automate Filling, closing/sealing and inspection – bottles, ampoules, jars, capsules and more.

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    • Stainless Steel Process Equipment

      The Adelphi UAE range of stainless steel process equipment. Cleanroom quality, durable, easy to sterilise & re-useable.

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    • Hygienic Utensils

      Hygienic Utensils. Cleanroom Quality. Durable, Easy to Sterilise & Re-Useable. Delivery within Days. Full Material Traceability

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    • Tri-Clamp Fittings

      Adelphi tri clamp fittings are durable, easy to sterilise and reusable. Our tri clover clamp machinery is delivered within days with full traceability

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    Automatic Capping Machines

    Adelphi designs, manufactures and builds automatic capping machines that are able to accommodate a large number of caps, and ensure consistencies in closure.

    Our range of capping machinery is designed to meet all requirements of a range of diverse industries including:

    • Food and beverages
    • Cosmetics and personal care
    • Chemical
    • Lube Oil
    • Pharmaceutical and healthcare


    Adelphi Automatic Capping Machinery

    The Mastercap Indexing Capper is a cost-effective solution, which can help you reduce waste and increase throughput, to improve your ROI. This is achieved through:

    • Superior quality build for long service life, greater ROI and exceptional resistance and chemicals
    • Versatile applications; Ideal for Screw caps, Press on caps, Tamper proof caps, Sports caps, Aerosol overcaps, Angled neck containers and Inserts
    • Time efficient, fast capping; up to 60 caps per minute, perfect for capping containers up to 25L
    • No container, no cap sensors to reduce waste and increase throughput
    • Optimal hygienic design – cap sterilisation option using UV light on the cap feed chute

    Find out more about the Mastercap Indexing Capper


    Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

    Although Adelphi Masterfil currently supplies one fully automatic capping machine, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why Adelphi have a highly experienced technical team to discuss specific requirements and come up with solutions to fit your production. An example of this is the Greyland Chemicals Case:

    The Challenge:

    Greyland Chemicals‘ product range has expanded to include an angled-neck container filled with hygiene chemicals. The tricky container was unable to be capped on their existing machine, and manual capping led to repetitive strain discomfort for their team.

    The caps needed orientating before being placed onto the bottles, to avoid machine blockages and costly production disruption.

    Russell’s engineering background (he hand-built the filling machine which precedes this capper), meant that his standards were exacting. “The machines need to be reliable, they’re our bread and butter; if they’re not working, we’re not making money”, he says.

    The Solution:

    Adelphi Masterfil’s experienced technical team designed a bespoke disc feeder surmounting the cap infeed chute, and a scissor grip to hold the containers in the correct orientation while the caps are applied.

    The Mastercap Indexing Capper now applies 36 Greyland caps per minute.

    The Verdict:

    “This saved us the cost of an expensive orientation sensor”, says Russell appreciatively. “It’s a great piece of kit”. The Mastercap capper applies 36 Greyland caps per minute, and Russell laughs that “now my packers struggle to keep up!”

    Read the Full Case Study with Greyland Chemicals


    Explore our Range of Automatic Capping Machines

    Browse Adelphi’s full range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic capping machines.

    Filter by container size, container type output and more to find the ideal solution for your business or contact us on the form below to be put in touch with an industry expert.

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    - Brian Barry – Technopath

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