• Gate Stirrer

  • Durable & Easy to Sterilise

    Full Material Traceability

    to meet international pharma and food quality compliance regulations.


    Product Specification:

    • Gently mix medium to high viscosity products, including creams, pastes and thick sauces.
    • Central propellers ensure meticulous mixing, whilst the mixer can also include pivoted wall scrapers for products that are often burn or adhere to the vessel wall.
    • Close tolerance stirrer to precisely suit your vessel shape and application.
    • Low speed, low shear, typically 50-100rpm.
    • Ideal for high viscosity products (10,000-100,000 cP).
    • Hygienic 316L stainless steel product contact parts.


        • Pivoted PTFE wall scrapers to clean vessel walls or aid heat transfer
        • Height adjustable central mixing blades
        • Motor to suit your mixing application
        • Integration into Pharma Hygiene Products mixing vessel system


    Pharma Hygiene Products also offers a High Shear Mixer, ideal for mixing water-to-oil, to form a light emulsion, and a Propeller Mixer, for mixing liquid-to-liquid, oil-to-oil, and free dissolving powder into liquid.

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