• What is Spare Parts Management?

    Spare parts management is all to do with having the correct parts when they are required. Managing your spare parts effectively will be time and cost effective for your business, as you won’t have to wait for parts to be delivered to continue production.

  • In this section you will find out more about what stock and spare parts management is, our top tips and how Adelphi can assist with the process. If you have any queries about filling machine spare parts, you can fill out the contact form below and our team will get back to you with a solution.

    How to Manage Spare Parts

    Now you understand some of the advantages to your business, you need to know how to manage your spares. The Adelphi team are available to offer advice and support so you have a plan in place that works for you and works well with your equipment.

    Some of our suggestions for spare parts management would be:

    • Standardise parts where possible, as bespoke parts have longer lead-times.
    • Effective inventory control – have staff responsible for spares management.
    • Understand different parts and prioritise your stock levels.
    • Ensure stock is updated to match your machine.

    Standardise Parts

    Standardising parts means eliminating differences in parts.

    Adelphi does the work for you here as we aim to standardise all possible parts during a machine build. Our team of technical engineers carefully examines all our machine plans before the launch to see where part standardisation is available.

    This makes spare parts quickly available, as they are the most common type of part. This means lead-times will be shorter and any downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum. Bespoke parts on the other hand are specially manufactured, always having long delivery times. While some of our parts may be bespoke to suit your product or container requirements, the majority of components at Adelphi are standardised to ensure your production doesn’t have to stop.

    Effective Inventory Control

    Spare part inventory control does not have to be costly or timely to be effective. Introducing some simple measures may see an increase in efficiency and make any purchasing easier as there is a record to prove stock levels.

    • Understanding which parts are critical to have in stock and prioritise them.
    • Regularly reviewing stock levels to see which parts are most commonly required and which parts are changed on your machine regularly.
    • Frequently monitoring stock levels to see which parts have been reordered without any requirement will show you where you are holding excess stock. Stopping unnecessary purchases will reduce your spend

    To find out more about different parts, read the section below

    Understanding Different Parts

    The most common parts that require frequent re-ordering are the wear components. Some examples of these parts include O-rings, piston seals, cup washers and many more.

    These parts can be classed as your “critical” parts and you should have back ups on site so production does not come to a halt when they need changing.

    The parts that are not commonly changed would not be classed as a problem. If you have limited room for stock, we would suggest not ordering these parts.

    Overcome the global shortages and beat long lead times by requesting spare parts using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

    Ensure Stock is updated

    If your machine goes through any refurbishments, in which parts are updated to be more modern versions, you should ensure stock is updated to match these changes.

    Some considerations for ensuring stock is updated include:

    • Always having room in your budget for spares parts – if you want your machine to work like new, you need to be changing over worn parts
    • Contact us as the vendor for a list of recommended critical parts, Adelphi have these available for customers. To receive a copy of recommended spare parts, contact us using the form at the bottom of this article

    Adopt Security Management

    Unfortunately, internal theft is a major problem that affects stock management which should be your company’s focus to overcome.

    Here are some of our recommendations for control spare parts being taken for off-record tasks:

    • Adopt a clear policy that makes inventory off-limits to some staff.
    • Use a parts counter to keep an accurate record of stock levels – you can purchase hand or sensor versions.
    • Develop entry and exit badge control so that doors can only be access by those with a key, this prevents staff accessing inventory and taking stock.
    • You may also want to install security camera systems to monitor inventory.

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