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    The Adelphi Group of Companies is based in a modern purpose built facility in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

  • The Adelphi Group of Companies have three buildings on site, currently totalling approximately  3,700 square metres, with the overall site covering one hectare. Established in 1947, Adelphi has an extremely proud heritage, and our facilities have been named to reflect this:

    Strand House

    Strand House takes its name from the building in The Strand where Adelphi was founded, near to Charing Cross station.

    The Strand houses the Adelphi Group of Companies’ main offices, as well as a dedicated Showroom for customer visits, and our machine servicing and Factory Acceptance Testing departments. Click on the ‘About’ page to learn more on the history of Adelphi.

    The Friary

    The Friary takes its name from the Friary Meux brewery in Guildford, founded by our Chairman Stephen Holroyd’s great grandfather.

    The Friary incorporates a large machine building hall with twelve working stations. A double-award winning initiative, The Friary is an environmentally conscious production facility with solar panels, rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly lighting – read more about Adelphi’s sustainability pledge here >>>

    The Sheldonian

    The Sheldonian is a famous Classical style building in the middle of Oxford, surrounded by a circle of Ancient Greek style monuments. Chairman Stephen Holroyd was at school in Oxford and knew it well, and felt the style corresponded with the Adelphi Group of Companies’ values.

    The Sheldonian houses the expansive warehouse distribution hub and cleanroom space of Group company
    Adelphi Healthcare Packaging.

    Our Logo

    The symbol of a cylinder inscribed over the sphere it contains, was requested to be engraved on his tomb by Archimedes. To him, it commemorated the fact that he had discovered the relationship between volume and surface area in spheres and cylinders.

    To Adelphi, it symbolises the classical references of our name, and the precision with which our machinery and equipment is designed and manufactured. In addition, it demonstrates our dealings in vessels and containers of all kinds, and the classical lines represent cleanliness and accuracy in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries which we serve.


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