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  • How to increase production capacity at a space-restricted site

    February 14, 2022

    • Has production outgrown your semi-automatic filling process?
    • Are your output ambitions being limited by lack of space?
    • Need to fill a wide range of products and container sizes, without purchasing multiple machines?

    The Response Monobloc Filler/Capper is our recommended solution for the manufacturing industry. Read on to find out why…

    Response Automatic Monobloc Filler / Capper

    At a glance – the Benefits for Your Production

    • Compact footprint – standard machine just 112cm wide x 81cm deep x 232cm high – to increase productivity in even the smallest production area.
    • Quick and easy to change parts from one fill-size container to another (takes on average 20 min).
    • Enhanced quality control; ability to pre-set for check weighing; for example, to identify every 20th product to be ejected for checking.
    • ‘No container, No fill’ sensor reduces container and product waste.
    • Precise torque application, for a higher quality of capping and fewer rejects.
    • Different container sizes can be pre-programed, for re-call any time in the future. This significantly reduces the set-up time for each shift, and also reduces the changeover time between filling different products.


    Watch a video of the Response Monobloc Filler/Capper here >>>


    Incorporating your existing Response Benchtop Filler increases production from semi to fully automatic, for a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, we are always happy to discuss incorporating your current semi-automatic filler, even if it comes from another supplier.

    The Response Monobloc Filler/Capper can handle your full product range, including:

    Serums, spirits, oils, E-Liquids and other low viscosity liquids; Medium viscosity product such as Shampoos, sauces and smoothies; Thick creams , body butters, nut butters, scrubs with particulates, and more…


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