• Vial Crimping & De-Capping Tongs

  • Professional Quality Crimping

    Simple & Intuitive to Use

    Delivery Within Days


    Product Specification:

    • Options for ‘plain’, ‘flip top/flip off’ and ‘flip tear up’ seals.
    • Crimping and de-capping of 13, 18 and 20mm seals.
    • Fast and reliable, for a professional quality finish.
    • Easy, intuitive operation.
    • Hardened, durable steel jaws to ensure reproducibility of seal crimp quality.
    • Adjustable stop, to ensure that equal pressure is applied to each crimp.


    Adelphi Manufacturing also offer the semi-automatic Powered Vial Crimper, to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Manual Vial Crimping and Decapping Tongs
  • Adelphi MFG - Vial Crimping & Decapping Tongs (2)
  • Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    6030613 13mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Plain Seals £275.00
    6030614 13mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Flip Top Seals £275.00
    6030618 18mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Plain Seals £275.00
    6030620 20mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Plain Seals £275.00
    6030621 20mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Flip Top Seals £275.00
    6030622 20mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Flip Tear Up Seals £430.00
    6030625 20mm Hand Crimping Tongs, Pump Spray Seals £700.00
    6030713 13mm Hand De-Capping Pliers £90.00
    6030720 20mm Hand De-Capping Pliers £90.00
    6030722 13mm Hand De-Capping Tongs £275.00
    6030721 20mm Hand De-Capping Tongs £275.00

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