• Stainless Steel Process Equipment

    The Adelphi UAE range of stainless steel process equipment. Cleanroom quality, durable, easy to sterilise & re-useable.

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    Storage, Mixing & Transportation Containers

    Hygienic, durable stainless steel storage, mixing & transportation containers, available in 304 and 316L grade material and with a range of modifications to meet every requirement

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    Water Jacketed Vessels

    Stainless steel water jacketed vessels, available in 316L pharmaceutical grade material, with a 304 stainless steel 0.1 bar low pressure water jacket

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    Mixing Containers

    A range of hygienic stainless steel containers, with integrated mixers/agitators and a wide variety of custom and bespoke options

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    Pressure Vessels

    Hygienic 316L stainless steel pressure vessels, suitable for laboratories and small batch production environments

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    Mobile Transportation Frames for Vessels & Containers

    A range of mobile frames available in hygienic 304 grade stainless steel, designed to enable the safe movement of large vessels

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    High Shear Mixer

    A high shear mixer for efficiently mixing oils and waters to form emulsions

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    Propeller Mixer

    A mobile mixer to efficiently mix mobile liquids and free dissolving powders

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    Cans with Lids

    Hygienic and robust stainless steel cans with lids, available in 304 and 316L grade material and with a range of modifications to meet every requirement

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    304 and 316L grade stainless steel churns, designed to enable the safe transportation of liquids without risk of contamination

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    Containers with Lids

    A range of hygienic stainless steel containers with optional lids, available in 304 grade material

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    Buckets & Pails

    A range of high quality, durable stainless steel buckets and pails, available in 304 and 316L food and pharmaceutical grade material

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    Measuring Jugs

    A range of high quality measuring jugs available in 304 and 316L grade hygienic stainless steel

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    A range of stainless steel trays available in hygienic 304 and 316L grade material, ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, production environments and the catering industry

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    A range of stainless steel beakers available in 304 grade material, ideal for pharmaceutical or laboratory use

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    A range of stainless steel bowls available in 304 grade, ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry use

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     Types of Stainless Steel Process Equipment

    There are two main grades – grade 304 and grade 316. Grade 304 is known for its high tensile strength of roughly 621 MPa (90 ksi). Grade 316 stainless steel also has a tensile strength of 579 MPs (84 ksi), making the two grades reasonably similar in this regard.

    They also both have a high maximum operating temperature. Grade 304 has a maximum temperature of 870°C (1598°F) and Grade 316 has a maximum of 800°C (1472°F).

    When comparing 304 vs. 316 stainless steel, one major difference is resistance to chlorides such as salt. Grade 316 is more resistant to the elements, making it a more desirable stainless steel for things like maritime applications.

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