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    Bench Mounted Capping Station

    A semi-automatic bench mounted solution for efficient application of screw caps

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    Hand-Held Cap Tightener

    A hand-held, semi-automatic solution ideal for small batch production runs

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    Pneumatic Cap Press

    Simple and intuitive fixing of press-on lids and caps to glass or plastic bottles

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    Manual Bottle Cap Press

    A benchtop, hand operated bottle cap press, output up to 1,000/h

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    Pneumatic Bottle Capping Machine

    Easy and efficient closing of twist-off caps, up to 500/h

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    Powered Vial Crimper

    Fast and reliable semi-automatic crimping or de-capping of vials ranging in size from 8mm to 32mm

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    Manual Vial Crimper

    A durable and efficient manually operated benchtop crimping machine, for 8mm to 32mm vials

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    Vial Crimping & De-Capping Tongs

    A range of high quality tongs and pliers for the crimping and de-capping of pharmaceutical vials

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    Centrac® FCC Metal Tube Closer

    A reliable and easy-to-use machine to fold and crimp collapsible metal tubes; a secure simple fold, up to 600/h

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    Vesta 1C Plastic/Laminate Tube Sealer

    Quick and efficient sealing, trimming and coding of plastic/laminate tubes, up to 240/h

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    Manual Tube Folding Pliers

    Efficient and easy-to-use manual tube folding pliers for sealing metal tubes, up to 600/h

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    Syringe Stopper Press

    Easy and efficient insertion of stoppers into pre-filled syringes of 6.35mm bore or greater

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    OC Ampoule Opener & Sealer

    Opening and sealing of closed-type ampoules, obviating the need for washing; equivalent quality to an automatic machine

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    Twin Jet Ampoule Sealer

    A manual solution for consistently high quality ampoule sealing, up to 120/h

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    Semi Automatic Capping Machines

    Adelphi designs, manufactures and builds automatic and semi-automatic capping machines that are able to accommodate a large number and types of caps and ensure consistencies in closure.

    Our range of capping machinery is designed to meet all requirements of a range of diverse industries including:

    • Food and beverages
    • Cosmetics and personal care
    • Chemical and Lube Oil
    • Veterinary
    • Pharmaceutical and healthcare


    Adelphi Semi-Automatic Capping Machinery

    Adelphi Manufacturing manufacture a range of Semi-Automatic Capping and Closing Machines to assist with small to medium scale production.

    Adelphi Masterfil design and manufacture Semi-Automatic Capping and Closing equipment to fit on the sides of their Semi-Automatic Filling Machines. However, they can also be supplied as stand-alone units if required.

    Read on to find out more about the individual types of Semi-Automatic Capping and Closing Equipment.


    Types of Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

    Twist-off caps

    The Pneumatic Capping Machine is a bench top unit suitable for closing twist-off caps easily and with great accuracy. It is robust yet portable, very easy to operate, and low maintenance.

    • Adapts to a wide range of cap sizes by changing only the cap chuck
    • Strong and reliable
    • Allows the operator to close around 400 – 500 bottles per hour

    Press-on caps

    The Pneumatic Cap Press is a bench top machine, designed to enable the easy fixing of press-on lids and caps to glass or plastic bottles. It has adjustable height and depth to accommodate a wide range of container heights and cap diameters.

    • High throughput, 400 – 600 containers per hour
    • Durable and hygienic construction for long service life
    • Bespoke press pads to suit shaped caps can be made to precisely suit your samples


    ROPP stands for Roll On Piler Proof, which is a type of aluminium cap. The thread is created by the capping head as it applies the cap to the bottle

    • Simple and intuitive to use – get started right away
    • Versatile design fits a wide range of cap sizes
    • Fully height adjustable for operator safety and comfort

    Vial Crimpers

    The Powered Vial Crimper is a benchtop crimping machine:

    • Designed for ‘plain’, ‘flip top/flip off’ and ‘flip tear up’ seals.
    • Quick and efficient to set up and use.
    • Crimping and de-capping of 13mm and 20mm seals.
    • Foot pedal reduces operator fatigue.

    Tube Closers

    The Adelphi Vesta 1C is a bench top semi-automatic plastic and laminate tube sealing, trimming and coding machine.

    Compact and robust in a stainless steel case with clear, simple controls, the Vesta 1C is a low maintenance solution particularly suited to those that want a reliable tube closing machine for laboratory and small batch production facilities.

    The operation is simple and intuitive:

    • One tube is placed in the first cup and the holder is moved by hand to the sealing position.
    • The two-handed start buttons are pressed for one second and the next tube is inserted in the second tube cup.
    • On completion of the sealing cycle the second tube is moved to the sealing position, which moves the first tube under the coding station automatically trimming and coding the sealed tube. While the second tube is completing the seal cycle, the trimmed tube is removed by hand and a new tube is placed in the first cup.


    Explore our Range of Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

    Filter by container size, container size, and expected output to find the ideal solution for your business or contact us using the form below to be put in touch with an industry expert

  • “We like working with people we can trust. Adelphi have been with us since day one – without them we couldn’t have done it! ”

    - Chris Taylor – Eve Taylor (London) Ltd

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  • “Extremely friendly and accommodating team who went above and beyond expectations to deliver a high quality end product. Also visited their manufacturing facility which was of a very high standard. Will definitely work with Adelphi in the future. ”

    - Brian Barry – Technopath

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  • “I just wanted to thank you for all you did, Adelphi went above and beyond to help! My team are really excited about this new venture. Again, thank you! ”

    - Eleanor Wade – O&3

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