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Water Jacketed Vessels

Stainless steel water jacketed vessels, available in 316L pharmaceutical grade material, with a 304 stainless steel 0.1 bar low pressure water jacket

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Cans with Lids

Hygienic and robust stainless steel cans with lids, available in 304 and 316L grade material and with a range of modifications to meet every requirement

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304 and 316L grade stainless steel churns, designed to enable the safe transportation of liquids without risk of contamination

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Containers with Lids

A range of hygienic stainless steel containers with optional lids, available in 304 grade material

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Buckets & Pails

A range of high quality, durable stainless steel buckets and pails, available in 304 and 316L food and pharmaceutical grade material

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A range of stainless steel beakers available in 304 grade material, ideal for pharmaceutical or laboratory use

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Measuring Jugs

A range of high quality measuring jugs available in 304 and 316L grade hygienic stainless steel

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A range of stainless steel trays available in hygienic 304 and 316L grade material, ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, production environments and the catering industry

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Hygienic, durable stainless steel scoops, available in 304 or 316L grade material, and in various sizes and styles

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Funnels & Strainers

The range includes funnels, strainers, and funnels with fixed built-in strainers, in hygienic 304 grade stainless steel.

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Tri-Clamp Ball Valves

A range of high quality, hygienic Tri-clamp Ball Valves, which are 100% air tested underwater at 100 psi, in open and closed positions

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Tri-Clamp Blank Caps

Tri-Clamp Blank Caps are designed to blank-off Ferrule Ends, used in conjunction with Tri-Clamp Gaskets and Clamps

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Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valves

Manufactured from 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, Tri-Clamp Plain Butterfly Valves include a lockable open-or-close handle and four bolts to dismantle for easy cleaning

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Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve Gasket Seals

Manufactured from hygienic Silicone, Viton® or EPDM, Butterfly Valve Gasket Seals are designed for use with Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valves

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Tri-Clamp Heavy Duty Clamps

A range of hygienic and durable Tri-Clamp Heavy Duty Clamps, designed to hold Ferrule Ends firmly together to create a leak-tight seal

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