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    ProFiller 3600 Capsule Filler

    Efficiently and accurately orients, separates, fills and closes up to 300 capsules at a time; up to 6,900/h

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    ProFiller 1120 Capsule Filler

    Efficiently and accurately orients, separates, fills and closes up to 120 capsules at a time; up to 3,600/h

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    ProFiller 1100 Capsule Filler

    Efficiently and accurately orients, separates, fills and closes up to 100 capsules at a time; 2,000-3,400/h

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    Suppository & Pessary Moulds

    A range of high quality hand-split suppository & pessary moulds, manufactured from double nickel plated brass

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    Lifting Leaf Tablet & Capsule Counter

    Enables accurate counting of coated or uncoated tablets or capsules, up to 100 at a time

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    Triangular Tablet Counting Tray

    A simple and accurate method of counting and pouring round tablets.

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    Capsule Counting Tray

    Quick and easy counting of 100 capsules at a time

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    Manual Tube Folding Pliers

    Efficient and easy-to-use manual tube folding pliers for sealing metal tubes, up to 600/h

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    Vesta 1C Plastic/Laminate Tube Sealer

    Quick and efficient sealing, trimming and coding of plastic/laminate tubes, up to 240/h

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    Centrac® FCC Metal Tube Closer

    A reliable and easy-to-use machine to fold and crimp collapsible metal tubes; a secure simple fold, up to 600/h

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    Syringe Stopper Press

    Easy and efficient insertion of stoppers into pre-filled syringes of 6.35mm bore or greater

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    Vial Crimping & De-Capping Tongs

    A range of high quality tongs and pliers for the crimping and de-capping of pharmaceutical vials

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    Manual Vial Crimper

    A durable and efficient manually operated benchtop crimping machine, for 8mm to 32mm vials

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    Powered Vial Crimper

    Fast and reliable semi-automatic crimping or de-capping of vials ranging in size from 8mm to 32mm

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    Manual Bottle Cap Press

    A benchtop, hand operated bottle cap press, output up to 1,000/h

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  • “We like working with people we can trust. Adelphi have been with us since day one – without them we couldn’t have done it! ”

    - Chris Taylor – Eve Taylor (London) Ltd

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  • “Extremely friendly and accommodating team who went above and beyond expectations to deliver a high quality end product. Also visited their manufacturing facility which was of a very high standard. Will definitely work with Adelphi in the future. ”

    - Brian Barry – Technopath

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  • “I just wanted to thank you for all you did, Adelphi went above and beyond to help! My team are really excited about this new venture. Again, thank you! ”

    - Eleanor Wade – O&3

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