• Response Benchtop Tube Filler

  • Reduces Waste, Increases Profitability

    Quick-Strip Design Minimises Downtime

    Delivery Within Days


    Product Specification:

    • Fast filling, up to 30 tubes per minute.
    • Exceptional accuracy of up to ±0.25% reduces waste.
    • 316L stainless steel / PTFE pharma and food quality compliant contact parts.
    • Fill volumes from 3ml to 400ml.
    • Fully strip for cleaning in as little as 3 minutes.
    • Choose from one or two filling heads.
    • Versatile; interchangeable nozzles available for different product viscosities, including gels, creams, and thick pastes.

    Can be configured for use in
    ATEX Zone 1 Category IIB 2G c T4 (135C).

    Adelphi Manufacturing also offer:

    Centrac® FCC, for closing metal tubes.

    Vesta 1C for sealing plastic/laminate tubes.

    Zero EU Import Duty. Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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