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  • Automation supports lean production principles in the food sector

    February 22, 2019

    [:en]With the worldwide population and the cost of labour increasing, food manufacturers are embracing automation to increase efficiency, maintain productivity and remain competitive.

    How can manufacturers recognise where to add value to their existing procedures?

    • Replacing a human workforce in high-frequency tasks, high task repetition tasks, or those that require forceful exertion. Your workforce is thus free to develop themselves and become more highly skilled, leaving the repetitive, low-end tasks to the equipment.
    • Attention to detail is key, and automation can eliminate errors and reduce variability in output; where people are prone to tiring, distractions and making mistakes, machinery will not.
    • Automation is being increasingly implemented within food production processes, to meet increasingly fastidious standards of hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination that can come with manual handling.
    • Reduction in both schedule and cost can translate into cost savings that can then be passed on to the customer.
    • Implementing automation isn’t as expensive as it sometimes sounds, and the return on your investment can be experienced relatively quickly.

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