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  • Think Green: making your processes more sustainable with Adelphi

    April 25, 2019

    [:en]As initiatives to tackle climate change gain more momentum, an increasing number of manufacturers are reviewing the sustainability of their packaging processes and equipment. Large and small companies alike are determined to reduce their carbon footprint, and in many instances, reconsidering the packaging process itself can make a significant difference. Improving your company’s operations – including investing in a filling machine or even automating your entire process – can be considered an important part of your sustainability strategy.

    Here are two key areas in which we believe we can help companies to make improvements:


    • When it comes to your filling capabilities, precision is essential. Neither underfilling nor overfilling is acceptable. Overfilling can be especially costly and inefficient, particularly if your product is high-end and expensive to produce. Sustained overfilling leads to product wastage, which is as bad for the environment as it is your revenue.
    • If you are worried that you are seeing overfilling in your current process, consider how to mitigate this risk. Adelphi’s Response range of fillers incorporates machines for many business sizes, from semi-automatic benchtop filling, to a fully automated line. Every machine in the range includes the same basic filler, which has a fill accuracy of +/-0.25%, which is far superior to the industry average of +/-1%.
    • When it comes to product wastage, under and overfilling aren’t the only areas to consider. Product can be spilled during the filling process if your machinery isn’t properly maintained; leaks as a result of general wear-and-tear are avoidable by booking regular services – at Adelphi, we recommend a scheduled service once a year, although there is nothing to prevent you booking more!
    • Outdated filling machinery can also contribute to unnecessary product waste. While we understand that a new machine can be expensive, it can be considered a more cost-effective option overall, as well as better for the environment, as you have less risk of product

    At Adelphi we believe that improving your filling accuracy and reducing product waste will bring your company one step closer to hitting its sustainability goals.




    • Whatever the size of your business, there’s no need to discard and waste caps! If it’s a simple matter of your staff getting to grips with the machinery, Adelphi can provide full training for your machine, either on-site when it’s delivered, or by helpful narrated videos.
    • Automating your capping process can also be useful in improving accuracy and reducing waste; Adelphi’s automatic capping machines features ‘no container’ and ‘no cap’ sensors, which stop the machine if any errors occur in the cap feed process.
    • Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to 100% prevent packaging waste such as damaged or discarded caps/product containers, but we always encourage our customers to dispose of them responsibly, recycling them where possible.

    Improving the accuracy of your capping process can also assist your business, improving your carbon footprint.

    Lastly, it’s worth checking out the government’s ‘waste duty of care’ guidelines (https://www.gov.uk/managing-your-waste-an-overview), but bear in mind that businesses with an annual turnover of more than £2 million may need to adhere to additional rules![:]

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