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  • OVH Energy Marketing recommend Adelphi Masterfil

    July 16, 2019

    [:en]Adelphi Masterfil’s first System F lands in Africa

    Adelphi Masterfil recently supplied their newly developed System F-600 liquid filler into Nigerian firm OVH Energy, making this the first System F filler to be installed on the African continent.

    OVH Energy Marketing (formerly Oando) is a leading supplier of refined petroleum products and licensee of the Oando retail brand. OVH Energy have a strong and growing presence in Africa, supplying to a broad customer base in the industrial, automotive, aviation and manufacturing, as well as turbine and marine sectors. They have three lubricant blending plants, one of which now includes a complete semi-automatic Masterfil filling line for 25L kegs, incorporating a fully automatic version of the System F-600 filler, a semi-automatic capping unit, and a fully automatic Sovereign labeller. In addition to this, OVH Energy invested in a complete drum filling line, which includes a Masterfil Weigh Scale Boom Filler.

    Adelphi Masterfil have a large global presence in the lube oil market, working with many oil and petroleum organisations over Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, with agency representation in place in many countries. Adelphi Masterfil’s Commercial Director, Catharine King, who has been involved in the packaging industry since 1985, has built solid relationships with many clients in the lube oil market, and regularly organises visits out to customers in countries such as Kenya, Dubai, Indonesia
    and Singapore, to name but a few.

    This level of experience and understanding of the industry, combined with close connections with a select group of overseas agencies, ensures that Adelphi Masterfil clients are offered equipment tailored specifically for their own industry, and the most important aspects of production, such as efficiency and accuracy, are factored into the machine specification.

    OVH Energy were introduced to Adelphi Masterfil through Akhigbe Itua of Itua Pack, who represent Adelphi Masterfil in the Nigerian market. Itua Pack work with trusted machinery manufacturers, and were always close at hand to assist OVH Energy through the buying process with Adelphi Masterfil, from initial interest through to machine commissioning.

    With OVH Energy seeing significant growth, the need to increase capacity and upgrade the plant had become pressing, which lead to the need to add to their existing machinery. Already in possession of a Masterfil filling line (OVH purchased a complete filling line back in 2015, which included a Multifil 5L automatic filler and Mastercap capper), they approached Masterfil through Itua Pack to help with this latest requirement. When commenting on the decision to use Adelphi Masterfil for kitting out the plant, Operations Manager Mohammad Dahiru said “there were a number of factors which influenced our decision to buy from Adelphi Masterfil again. The machine technology of the new System F fillers, the high level of aftersales support received previously, the design of Masterfil’s equipment, and the durability of the machines. Adelphi Masterfil have been able to deliver on all of this”.

    The System F-600 Flowmeter filler was manufactured for OVH Energy with a remote nozzle, providing the flexibility to fill not only 25L kegs on a conveyor, but also 200L drums on a pallet, which of course would be too large for the conveyor. With the machines in constant use running eight hours a day, five days a week, Mr Dahiru advised it was crucial to install machines which “were simple in operation, but offered exceptional filling efficiency and capacity”. Adelphi Masterfil’s System F liquid filler has been designed with exceptional accuracy levels of ±0.15%, ensuring that customers do not suffer from any costly product wastage.

    The purchase of such machinery lines can be a lengthy process, requiring sign off at several stages, but despite this, Adelphi Masterfil were, in Mr Dahiru’s own words, “always focused on the specification and intent on pinpointing our exact requirements”. Adelphi Masterfil also offer customers a FAT (factory acceptance test) which OVH Energy undertook, and which they felt was
    “a robust part of the buying process”.

    Adelphi Masterfil received glowing reports from OVH Energy following installation of the lines. Service Engineer Mark Stainthorpe spent almost two weeks at the plant in Nigeria, working tirelessly to ensure all machines were installed and running to their optimum capabilities. OVH Plant Engineer Vincent Okonkwo was keen to comment afterwards that Mark was “as fast and efficient as ever!” Going forward Adelphi Masterfil will of course be able to offer OVH Energy this same level of service with any aftersales support and servicing.

    Are you in the lube oil market and in need of upgrading your plant to take on an increase in production? Why not get in contact with Adelphi Masterfil on 01444 472300 or email sales@masterfil.com to speak to one of our packaging machinery experts about your requirements.[:]

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