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  • Greyland Chemicals recommend Adelphi Masterfil

    October 14, 2019


    Adelphi Masterfil customer Greyland Chemicals is one of the leading cleaning chemical manufacturers in the UK, with a customer base that extends throughout Europe. Their large warehouse and production facility in Greater Manchester is a thriving production hub, aided by their four Masterfil machines currently in action.

    Greyland’s Engineering Manager Russell Beaver sat down recently with Adelphi Masterfil’s Northern Sales Manager Andy and Marketing Executive Rachel, to discuss the relationship between the two companies.

    “Since I started in ’82 we’ve always used Masterfil machinery”, reminisces Russell. “They’re the Rolls Royce of machines!”

    After outgrowing their previous hand-held capper, Greylands purchased a Mastercap Indexing capping machine in 2016; a process in which they were assisted by Andy. Having two Masterfil filling machines already in place (one still running from the 1980s), and a cordial and trusting relationship with Andy, contributed to Russell’s purchasing decision. The challenge of the machine design was Greyland’s tricky round containers with angled-necks, and the caps which needed orientating before being placed onto the bottles. Russell’s engineering background (he hand-built the filling machine which precedes this capper), meant that his standards were exacting. “The machines need to be reliable, they’re our bread and butter; if they’re not working, we’re not making money”, he says.

    Adelphi Masterfil created a solution which includes a bespoke disc feeder surmounting the cap infeed chute, and a scissor grip which holds the containers in the correct orientation while the caps are applied. “This saved us the cost of an expensive orientation sensor”, says Russell appreciatively. “It’s a great piece of kit”. The Mastercap capper applies 36 Greylands caps per minute, and Russell laughs that “now my packer struggles to keep up!”

    Shared values also contribute to the special relationship between the two companies. Greyland is a member of the Green Business Network; they recycle all packaging, whether plastic or cardboard, and they use a bottle for one of their products which is made of 31% recycled material. Adelphi Masterfil are part of the Sustainable Business Partnership, and won two awards in 2018 for their eco-friendly production facility, The Friary.

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