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  • Hand creams – meeting the increase in demand

    May 20, 2020

    “Health experts say that regular hand-washing is the most effective means of prevention (along with staying at home), with both Public Health England and health secretary Matt Hancock recommending that people wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds at a time, to curb the spread of germs”, reports The Independent.

    “While vigorous hand-washing and using harsh sanitisers are both vital in reducing the spread of the virus, they can have an adverse effect on the skin, leaving hands feeling dry, cracked and sore. Dr Adam Friedmann, a consultant dermatologist and clinical lead at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, agrees, adding that many people who are adhering to the NHS’s advice will experience “irritant contact eczema – an eczema caused by a chemical, such as soap, irritating the skin”.”

    The solution? After drying your hands or using hand-sanitizer, Dr Friedmann says “you should apply a generous layer of hand cream to help keep them nourished, soothe any dry areas and minimise skin irritation.”

    Luckily, “the use of hand cream won’t prevent your soap and hand sanitiser being effective”, says charity Lupus UK.

    The response to this article has been extraordinary, with manufacturers of hand creams finding their products more in-demand than ever.

    Adelphi have taken the decision to remain open during this challenging time, to support businesses who need our services, including those manufacturing hand sanitizers and hand creams…


    Filling Tubes of Hand Cream

    Response Benchtop Filler

    Response is a semi-automatic pneumatically driven bench top volumetric filling machine. Designed to meet pharmaceutical standards, the unit is versatile, hygienic and easy to use. All contact parts are manufactured in 316L grade stainless steel, PTFE and Viton, and an all-stainless monocoque construction, with curved and sloping surfaces meets GMP requirements.  Clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, triclover hopper connections, and a quick strip design combine to ease cleaning.

    Our customers Barry M Cosmetics, Eve Taylor (London) Ltd and Farmers’ Welsh Lavender, who all fill hand creams or similar products, have been pleased to recommend our Response filling range. Click on each customer name to read more…

    We currently have Response Benchtop Fillers available off-the-shelf. Please get in touch if you feel this would suit your production requirements.


    Sealing your Tubes

    Vesta 1C

    This tube sealing machine is designed to efficiently seal, trim and code plastic and laminate tubes. Compact and robust in a stainless steel case with clear, simple controls, the Vesta 1C is a low maintenance solution, which is also available from stock, for speedy dispatch.


    For mixing containers and other hygienic process equipment, our sister company Pharma Hygiene Products can assist you. Browse their range here >>>

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