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  • Adelphi Filling Machines: As seen in Machinery Update

    September 17, 2021

    Adelphi Manufacturing is inviting visitors to its PPMA Show stand to find out how to maximise production potential using its benchtop and semi-automatic filling solutions for the cosmetics, food,  chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

    Offering cost-effective ways to improve productivity, the company is delighted to be returning to the event this year. Its experienced team of specialists will be on hand to explain the benefits of its range of equipment, and demonstrate the ways it can maximise productivity.

    Manual filling machine gives an average accuracy of ± 10% and overfilling just ten bottles could mean giving away one full measure of product free of charge. Adelphi Manufacturing can prevent this and help achieve more consistent filling to reduce costly product waste and decrease time spent re-handling rejected packs.

    Time-efficiency can also be improved using the filling equipment. Recently, one customer has improved production from 30 containers per day (when filling manually), to 400 a day when being filled in one run by the Response benchtop filler.

    The filling accuracy can be described as expectational at up to ± 0.25%, which significantly reduces product waste and improves profitability compared to the filling machine industry average.

    Meanwhile, the hygienic 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel wetted machine parts adhere to GMP and FDA regulations.

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