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  • Cost-effectively upscale your production – Your expert guide to Filling Equipment

    October 20, 2021

    How to cost-effectively upscale your production as demands increase – As seen in The Cannavist

    Q – With over 33 years’ experience in the industry, Dean – what advice would you give to companies looking to increase production, without overstretching their resources?

    A- The industry is experiencing exponential growth worldwide, and this is putting pressure on many manufacturers to quickly increase their production throughput. However, upscaling the filling process from semi to fully automated can be a daunting prospect, with many automated filling lines costing in excess of £60,000 upfront!
    At Adelphi Manufacturing we developed our scalable ‘Response’ range of machinery to solve this very problem. The entry-level Benchtop Filler fits into automated solutions from the same range (pictured below), so you can increase your capacity as needed, without making the initial investment obsolete. You can also seperate the Benchtop Filler at any time, should you need to return to the convenience of smaller batch production.

    Q – What about artisanal companies who operate out of smaller premises – is there a viable growth option for them too, which can overcome space restrictions?

    A – Absolutely! In the same way as we saw with mobile phone technology in the Noughties, filling technology has increased in sophistication whilst decreasing in size. A great example is our Monobloc solution – part of the scalable ‘Response’ range – which incorporates both a filler and a capper, in a compact footprint (just 112cm wide x 81cm deep). Maximising the achievable output from your production space is essential in any size of business, to generate the highest revenue possible. Fully processing up to 16,000 containers per 8 hour shift, the Monobloc proves that limited space certainly doesn’t have to mean limited output!

    Q – In the challenging post-COVID, post-Brexit financial climate, do you have any advice for businesses considering taking the plunge and increasing their capacity?

    A – In the latest government budget, a new incentive was announced to help stimulate business investment in the UK. The ‘Super-Deduction’ scheme effectively reduces the purchase price of your new equipment by up to 130%, through additional corporation tax relief. You can reach me using the contact details below if you’d like to find out more.


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