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  • Spring Gift Fairs 2022

    January 12, 2022

    Are you prepared for your Spring Gift Fairs & Exhibitions in 2022?

    With Professional Beauty London, Food & Drink Expo, Cosmoprof, Gulfood, Spring Gift Fairs 2022 and more only just around the corner, many artisan manufacturers in the cosmetics and food & beverage industries are feeling the pressure to be prepared in time.

    Adelphi Manufacturing has decades of experience manufacturing equipment to make your production flow as easily as possible, and we are reaching out to share the inspiring success story of our customers.


    LittlePod and FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender

    After becoming overwhelmed filling products manually, LittlePod and FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender both needed to take their first steps into automation to improve their output – and therefore revenue potential.

    The Solution:

    After a personalised consultation, with both customers, to discuss their production requirements and product characteristics, it was recommended that the Response Benchtop Filler would be best suited, to enable them to capitalise upon the sales opportunities at their forthcoming exhibitions.

    Benefits of the Response Benchtop Filler:

    • 3-minute strip down time means that cleaning is quick and simple- this reduces the amount of inactive ‘downtime’ when switching between different products and containers.
    • Fills up to 19,200 containers in an 8-hour shift
    • Scalable filling solution to upgrade into a fully automatic machine as your business grows – the initial investment is never obsolete

    Response Benchtop Filling for artisan cosmetics and food & beverage industries

    The Outcomes:

    LittlePod has come a long way from humble beginnings as a one-woman operation, when Janet had the idea at her kitchen table of putting vanilla paste into a tube; they now employ eight members of staff, and their distribution footprint extends to cover sixteen countries.

    FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender now employ ten members of staff at their home site, and their creams and balms are now stocked in 140 shops worldwide.

    Adelphi Manufacturing are proud to have been able to facilitate these journeys.

    The Verdict:

    “Adelphi’s honest advice and support was invaluable – they monitored our company growth, and recommended machines accordingly, making sure we didn’t overstretch our resources.”Janet Sawyer MBE, Owner, LittlePod

    “I never feel that my questions aren’t valued, and it’s never a hassle. Without hesitation, I would enthusiastically recommend Adelphi Manufacturing to a contact!”Nancy Durham, Owner, FARMERS’ Welsh Lavender

    To book in your free consultation, email us at info@adelphi.uk.com or phone 01444 472 300 today

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