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  • Ask the Expert: How to increase output from even the smallest production space, for greater competitive advantage

    September 7, 2022

    Trevor Pimm, filling expert and International Sales Manager at Adelphi Masterfil, addresses the biggest challenges faced by Middle East manufacturers, and solves the most frequent questions being asked…

    Adelphi Masterfil S5000-S Semi Automatic Filling Machine for Chemicals Food Skincare

    Challenge #1: Premises of all sizes need to make the most of their available space, to maximise revenue potential.

    Your Key Question: How can I achieve the greatest possible output from the smallest possible area?

    Trevor’s Recommendation: High output no longer has to mean high space sacrifice on your production floor. In the same way as we saw with mobile phone technology in the 2000’s, filling technology has increased in sophistication whilst decreasing in size! A great example of this is the S5000-S semi-automatic filling machine by Adelphi Masterfil, which enables an output of up to 5,760 containers per 8 hour shift, from a compact footprint measuring just 1.8m x 0.7m.

    This is made possible by features designed to facilitate immediate start-up (self-pumping and self-priming to name just two), a twin head option (pictured), as well as customisation options including double acting product cylinders, a discreet hand-capping station and an optional remote nozzle for filling containers on pallets.

    Greater profitability is also ensured by the superior filling accuracy (just ±0.2% compared to the industry average of ±1%), which reduces the cost implications from product waste.

    As experienced suppliers, Adelphi Masterfil are also be able to offer bespoke line configuration design, to precisely tailor your space and make sure that no profitable areas are under-utilised.

    Adelphi Masterfil S5000-S Semi Automatic Filling Machine for Chemicals Food Skincare

    Challenge #2: Many manufacturers are filling a large number of products – with varying viscosities and other characteristics – into many different container types.

    Your Key Question: Is there a machine option available in the marketplace which can fill all of my products, from low to high viscosity, and container sizes, from small to large?

    Trevor’s Recommendation: Manufacturers filling a range of product viscosities and container types have previously needed multiple machines to satisfy all the different requirements of their range. But no longer!

    Look for machines which offer different filling styles to suit different product characteristics, such as rise-while-filling, which can increase throughput potential of products which are prone to foaming. 316L stainless steel wetted parts are another ideal feature, especially if one or more of your products contains challenging ingredients such as chlorides.

    Shut-off nozzles are also a great element to be aware of, particularly for products in your range which may be liable to dripping or stringing.

    If you are having difficulty filling into a specific container style (for example, a recent customer needed a way to hold the neck of their flexible container still during filling), I recommend asking about custom neck locators. These small additions can entirely remove the need for an extra operative, and enable even non-standard containers from your range to be filled on the same machine.

    In terms of container sizes, Adelphi Masterfil’s highly regarded S5000-S semi-automatic filler can suit an extremely large range of fill volumes, from 50ml up to 30L (with multi-shot functionality).

    Adelphi Masterfil S5000-S Semi Automatic Filling Machine for Chemicals Food Skincare

    Challenge #3: There are a vast array of filling machinery suppliers worldwide, and customers need to make sure they are working with the best of the best, to secure a competitive advantage for their business.

    Your Key Question: Which key factors should I be looking for when investigating the credentials of a supplier, to ensure complete investment security?

    Trevor’s Recommendation: The most valuable resources for businesses looking at new filling machinery are recommendations from existing users. There are now a wealth of digital resources available at your fingertips, to connect you with existing customers and support your purchasing decision. Case studies, word of mouth recommendations and Trustpilot reviews are among the most telling assets which you can ask suppliers to provide. Many suppliers will also offer you the opportunity to see a machine first-hand, in another customer’s factory, as part of their quotation assurance process – this represents the gold standard!

    I would also strongly advise businesses to ask about a prospective supplier’s in-person and remote support services before committing to making a purchase, as this support will be invaluable – this has been especially brought to light in the past two years, thanks to the months of lockdowns and other social restrictions faced by businesses around the world.

    Finally, I would urge you to invest wisely – avoid purchasing the cheapest machinery on the market, as this can often turn out to be false economy in the long run. The longer your machine is operational, the greater return on investment you will generate. I am extremely proud to say that many Adelphi machines are still fully operational over 30 years after purchase!



    I would be delighted to discuss the above in more detail, or to offer my support for any further operational and productivity improvement challenges you may be facing:

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