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  • Volumetric, Flowmeter & Weigh Scale Fillers – Find the best option to suit your product characteristics

    October 22, 2021

    Masterfil Semi-Automatic Flowmeter Filler

    • No pistons reduces wash time for a faster product and container changeover
    • Product volume is weighed as the filling takes place, there are also options of feedback from the checkweigher to auto-adjust flowmeter via software interface
    • Exceptional filling accuracy of ± 0.2% significantly improves your ROI.
    • Find the technical brochure here >>>

    Masterfil Semi-Automatic Flowmeter Filling Machine

    Masterfil Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filler

    • Can be specified with single or double acting product cylinders, for fills up to 30L.
    • Can include a remote nozzle for filling even larger containers directly on a pallet
    • Twin-head options to increase throughput
    • Watch a video of the Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filler here>>>

    Masterfil Semi-Automatic Weigh-Scale Filler:

    • No pistons for a faster changeover between different products and container types
    • No need for fully purged lines, meaning you never waste product on initial set up
    • Produces up to 720 containers per hour; producing up to 5,760 containers per 8 hour shift

    Adelphi Masterfil S5000-S Weigh Scale Semi-Automatic Filling Machine for Chemicals

    If you require further advice as to which filling machine would provide the most benefits to your production process, email our experts at info@adelphi.uk.com



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