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  • The startup revolution sweeping through food and beverage manufacturing and marketing

    April 26, 2023

    With consumer purchasing increasing in power globally, driving up demand for food and beverage products, 2023 is a great time to enter the market via a start up model.  

    Here are 3 trends we see growing: 

    1. Partnering with corporate brands for sustainable reasons. 
    1. Partnering with manufacturers to take waste and repurpose.  
    1. Celebrity investments in plant-based sector 


    1. Partnering with corporate brands for sustainable reasons – Too good to go

    Too Good To Go is the world’s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food.  

    They have collaborated with independents in local community settings, and corporate giants such as Unilver, Danone, Pepsico and Alpro, growing their key accounts partnerships to save over 29 million meals in 2021.  

    Supporting stores in managing unsold or surplus food is a priority for Too Good To Go in its mission to reduce food waste. 

    For consumers, saving 1 magic bag from a local store can save the same CO”e it would take to charge your phone 442 times! To find out more read their 2021 impact report here https://tgtg-mkt-cms-staging.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/27028/Too-Good-To-Go—Impact-Report-2021—more-than-a-food-app.pdf  

    1. Partnering with manufacturers to take food waste and repurpose – Discarded Spirits

    Discarded Spirits Co. are on a simple mission: to reverse needless waste.  

    70% of Food and Drink waste is avoidable. Discarded Spriits Co. are adopting a new philosophy to understand how what is wasted today, can be treasured tomorrow. They believe by reusing traditionally ‘wasted’ ingredients they can discover ‘undiscovered’ flavours, bring back to life ‘redundant’ ingredients, invent techniques to ‘reuse creatively.’  

    Discarded Spirits Co. aims to pioneer a progressive wave of spirits packed full of flavour that challenges the way we use our natural resources. To read more https://www.discardedspirits.com/  

    1. Celebrity investments in plant-based sector

    We all accept that increasing our plant-based options and reducing our meat intake can have a positive effect on the planet. The celebrities agree and are accelerating key start up brands in to giants to achieve this. 

    American actor and vegan advocate Woody Harrelson invested in Wicked Kitchen’s $20 million bridge funding, helping the company’s total funding amount leap up to $34 million and expand its plant-based ready meal products globally. That is start up revolution in the extreme! 

    Natalie Portman is an investor in Oatly and vegan bacon company La Vie, and has recently backed Boston-based start-up Tender Food, makers of whole muscle cut plant-based meats. The start-up uses a spinning fibre technology, allowing it to create a texture similar to animal meat.  

    Leonardo DiCaprio utilizes his acting fame to fuel his environmental activism. He has invested in vegan fast food chain Neat Burger in USA, in Beyond Meat, British vegan chickpea puffs brand HIPPEAS and a plant-based milk company Califia Farms. 

    So, if you have a start up idea, plant based, food waste led, sustainable or otherwise, give our subject matter expert team a call to see how we can help make you part of this amazing revolution. 

    For more information email us at info@pharmahygienporducts.com , call us on +441444472300 , or fill out a contact form here 

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