• Masterfil Automatic Flowmeter Filler

  • Faster Filling, Higher ROI

    Reduces Waste, Increases Profitability

    Up to 4,500 Containers per Hour


    Product Specification:

    • Fill volumes from 250ml to 30L.
    • Exceptional accuracy of up to ±0.2% reduces waste.
    • A choice of between 2 - 12 filling heads.
    • Flexible; add extra heads to meet increased output requirements.
    • Durable and robust, to endure the harshest environments.
    • Versatile; nozzles are adjustable to fill foaming and non-foaming products with variable speed filling capacity.
    • Minimal down time between liquid and container changeover.
    • Storing multiple filling profiles increases efficiency on line throughputs.
    • Easy recall of container fill profiles de-skills the machine operation.
    • Suitable for low to high viscosity liquids.
    • Hygienic 316L stainless steel / PTFE contact parts.


    Please Note: This machine can be made ATEX compliant for flammable products.

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