• TGM S400 Tube Filler & Sealer

  • Faster Filling, Higher ROI

    Reduces Waste, Increases Profitability

    Up to 4,200 Tubes per Hour


    Product Specification:

    • Highly efficient tube filling, closing and ejection.
    • Exceptional output of up to 4,200/h for metal tubes, 3,200/h for polyethylene or laminate tubes.
    • Metal tubes 10 - 42mm diameter,
      50 - 240 mm length.
    • Polyethylene/laminate tubes 10 - 50mm diameter, 50 - 240mm length.
    • Hygienic crevice-free surfaces and lubricant-free operation.
    • Tube print orientation and sensor to detect tube right way up, minimises waste.
    • Motors and machine drive below working table to ensure operator safety.
    • Fold and roll crimping system for closing metal; polyethylene/laminate tubes sealed by hot air or hot jaws.
  • TGM S400 Tube Filler and Sealer
  • Available in the UK & Ireland Only

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