• TGM M100 Filler & Closer

  • Faster Filling, Higher ROI

    Compact & Space-Efficient

    Up to 2,400 Containers per Hour


    Product Specification:

    • Highly efficient filling, stoppering and capping.
    • Ideally suited to 1 - 50ml containers.
    • Maximum container sizes 50mm diameter, 150mm high.
    • Filling accuracy of up to +/-0.5% reduces waste.
    • Designed for ease of cleaning and changeover, with GMP in mind.
    • “No bottle no fill”, “No cap”, “Badly tightened cap” sensors reduce waste.
    • Swift 15-20 minute changeover time reduces costly production downtime.
    • Peristaltic, volumetric displacement or vacuum pump options to best suit the product.
    • Suitable for screw caps, push on caps, ROPP caps, clinched seals for pump sprays or vials, plugs, pipettes, droppers, stoppers and security caps.


    Please Note: This machine can be used in cleanroom environments, with air exhaust modifications.

  • TGM M100 Tube Filler & Sealer
  • Available in the UK & Ireland Only

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