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    At the Adelphi Group of Companies we value all our customers’ feedback, and we are dedicated to utilising your comments for the continuous improvement of our service

  • “We are thoroughly impressed with Adelphi (Pharma Hygiene Products)’ speed, flexibility, and their communicative and supportive approach in helping us find the right tools for the job! “

    - Business Unit Director, Ardena

    ““The main difference with Adelphi’s quality of service was the hands-on training we received, Adelphi offered to help us set up the machine, and stayed whilst we completed our first fills. It wasn’t just receiving a machine in a box, with no further support.” “

    - Gary – 5 Squirrels

    ““Our largest batch size filled on the Response is now as high as 10,000! It does exactly what we were promised.” “

    - Nic Crump – 5 Squirrels

    ““When it comes to automation, we will always come to you” “

    - Gary Conroy – 5 Squirrels

    “Extremely helpful and were very patient with our decision making. Felt cared for from design process to installation. After installation care is spot on. “

    - Sicame UK

    “Easy to use and reliable. I have my filler for going on to 20 years and never had a problem. I can use it manually or hitched to a computer – it’s easy to use, a real workhorse in our lab environment. The staff are always very competent and friendly. You know a company is a great company when they keep quality high for so many years. “

    - Aurelia Essential Oils

    “Fast, reliable and friendly. I recently ordered the Apollo I Liquid viewer Box and was dependent on the delivery arriving in Switzerland within a few days. The employees were extremely helpful and reliable. Within a week the financial part as well as the delivery was completed and the box was ready for use. The quality of the box is also top notch and allows particles to be seen as reliably as possible. Thanks a lot! Until the next order. “

    - Thomas Schick – InnoMedica Holding AG

    “Great service and company! Adelphi have always been incredibly helpful and insightful when supplying our filling machine needs and equipment. They are always attentive to any issues that may arise and only a phone call away. We would highly recommend them. “

    - McCavity’s Contract Fillers

    “The most outstanding support for an outstanding product. We love our Adelphi filling machine and the team behind it. The support Adelphi offers surpasses all expectation. Any hour of any day, if we have a little snag in our filling room, [Adelphi are] right there at the end of the telephone line diagnosing and fixing problems. Amazing. “

    - Nancy Durham – Welsh Lavender

    “Great service and company, fantastic efficient friendly service! Top quality filler purchased and a top demonstration provided by a nice engineer. “

    - Robert Purvinskis – Spanjer Chemicals

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