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    October 25, 2017


    Adelphi Packaging Machinery gear up to fulfill order to existing chemical manufacturerCaddy's

    Adelphi Packaging Machinery will shortly be delivering two of their new System F-1800 filling machines to an existing customer manufacturing care care products. The new fillers will be used for filling car shampoo & screen wash, both easily handled on these machines.

    One of the features of the System F-1800 filler is a transport caddy to easily and safely transport all wetted components on the filler away for strip-down, cleaning and storage. With the quantity of different products this customer intends to fill on their new machines, they wanted to have several caddy’s in production for each of their sets of wetted parts.

    Here are all of the caddy’s outside the Adelphi’s factory following manufacture, all ready to be packed up ready for shipping with the fillers.[:]

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