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  • Hotting up! A heated filling solution for deodorant sticks

    October 14, 2020


    The Challenge

    To fill two different, highly viscous products, which both need consistent heating to prevent coagulation whilst filling.


    The Solution

    Adelphi Manufacturing have created two custom heated Response Benchtop Fillers for a major international cosmetics and toiletries manufacturer, to fill deodorant sticks and hot hair oils.

    Hot hair oils are filled into vials, and deodorant sticks are filled directly into the deodorant container, from the base, and left to set.

    The standard Response Benchtop Filler is constructed of 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, but both of this customer’s products contain chlorine, which corrodes stainless steel. For the custom solutions, ‘wetted’ product contact parts are made of a stainless steel alloy containing 6% molybdenum, to resist corrosion.

    The jacketed heating system can heat using water (to 90 degrees Celsius) or oil (to 130 degrees Celsius), to suit either product. The Response machines can be fully stripped for cleaning between products in 3 minutes, which reduces costly production downtime for the customer.

    These two custom Response Benchtop Fillers have been successfully installed in an American pilot plant, with each producing batches of around 1,000 per day.

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