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  • Drum Filling & Decanting Solutions for the Lubricants Industry

    October 30, 2020

    With additives becoming more viscous and more expensive, this is a critical time for the lubricants industry; drum filling and decanting processes must be as lean and cost-efficient as possible, to avoid costly waste.

    Adelphi manufactures the highly regarded Masterfil range of drum filling and decanting machines for lubricants.

    The valuable production benefits are:

    • Less waste; money saved – accurate filling to within +/- 0.2%
    • Versatile – swinging, height adjustable boom arm on the Filling Machine can suit a wide range of container sizes
    • Unsurpassed hygiene levels – the Drum Decanting Unit incorporates a lance cleaning tank (rinsing kettle) where it cleans itself inside and out, ready for use with another product
    • Filling machines can be specified in either Flowmeter or Weigh Scale version, to suit the individual application
    • Fillers can incorporate an energy-efficient roller conveyor. Watch a video of this solution here >>>

    Don’t just take our word for it!
    Here’s what our customers have to say about Adelphi machines…

    “Flexible, faster than our existing filler, and very good indeed at what they do”
    ~ Kilco International

    “Well built, robust bits of kit”
    ~ Evans Vanodine

    “They’re the Rolls Royce of machines!”
    ~ Greyland Chemicals

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