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  • Upgrade efficiency and productivity with the Response Monobloc Filler & Capper

    May 11, 2021

    For the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & oil industries


    Time-efficient, fast filling and capping

    • Up to 35 containers per minute on a 10ml fill, and up to 30 per minute on a 200ml fill (dependent on product and container).
    • Quick and easy to change parts from one fill-size container to another (takes on average 20 min), to reduce costly production downtime.
    • Different container sizes can be pre-programed, for re-call any time in the future. This significantly reduces the set-up time for each shift, and also reduces the changeover time between filling different products.


    Reduces product waste, increases profitability

    • Exceptional filling accuracy of up to ± 0.25% significantly improves your ROI.
    • ‘No container, No fill’ sensor reduces container and product waste.
    • Precise torque application, for a higher quality of capping and fewer quality rejects.


    Enhanced Quality Control

    • Ability to pre-set for check weighing; for example, to identify every 20th product to be ejected for checking.
    • Options to collect data on the containers produced, which can be downloaded onto a memory stick for your convenience.


    Versatile; a single solution for multiple products and containers

    • 3ml – 500ml filling (containers up to 85mm diameter, up to 275m high).
    • Suitable for filling low to high viscosity products, including Liquids, Creams, Oils and more.


    Exceptionally hygienic

    • 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel wetted parts and sanitary Tri-Clamp hopper connections adhere to FDA regulations, to guarantee international pharma-quality compliance for your business.
    • Clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, certified for use with pharmaceuticals.


    Market-specific features to precisely meet your requirements

    • Including vacuum capping, to reduce oil leakage from mixtures such as all Nut Butters (crunchy and smooth). This ensures your product will always arrive with customers in optimum condition.

    Watch a video of the Response Monobloc Filler/Capper, filling nut butters >>>


    Our technical team will be delighted to suggest the best specification for you. Please share with us the below information, so that we can prepare a quotation:

      1. Product Details
      2. Product Viscosity
      3. The container volumes required to be filled and capped
      4. Container and cap dimensions
      5. The filling and capping speeds expected


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