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  • Lower costs without lowering quality: Your 5 step guide to reducing manufacturing costs

    October 19, 2021

    Reduce Downtime with Process Synchronization

    • Time = money, therefore at Adelphi we suggest synchronizing your processes by including multiple elements in one system. Why not upgrade from a Response Benchtop Filler to a Response Monobloc Filler/Capper, so that cap placement and tightening is included?
    • Watch a video of the Response Monobloc Filler/Capper in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAkC9nOvDZA

    Lower Costs with Bulk Manufacturing

    Preventative Maintenance

    • Timely servicing identifies and resolves faults during a maintenance schedule, and not in the middle of production. The cost of regular maintenance is minimal when compared to the cost of a major breakdown which could halt your operations entirely.
    • At Adelphi, we offer on-site and in-house servicing to minimise disruptive production downtime.
    • Find out more about preventative maintenance here: https://clients.treaclemedia.com/adelphi/services-support/

    Eliminating Product Inconsistencies 

    • Thorough mixing of products entirely disperses ingredients and eliminates products defects; automating the mixing process will ensure a more consistent mix than can be achieved manually. This will result in a higher product yield from the same constituent parts.

    Precise Measurements

    • The latest figures show that manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries typically lose between 2-7% of product during processing.
    • This wasted product leads to a loss of time and profit for many of our customers; therefore, we have designed our equipment to minimise waste. Strict technical designs of our filling machine range ensures that all nozzles and elements prevent leakage and drips, whilst industry-leading filling accuracy reduces product lost through overfilling.



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