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  • Complete ampoule processing solutions ideal for Laboratories, R&D Teams, Hospitals and more…

    April 22, 2022

    Adelphi Manufacturing offers complete ampoule processing solutions ideal for Laboratories, R&D Teams, Hospitals and more…

    OC Ampoule Opener Sealer

    1. OPENING: OC Ampoule Opener & Closer
    • Ideal for customers using closed-type ampoules, obviating the need for washing.
    • Opening & Closing of ampoules 1-50ml.
    • Professional quality; up to 600 ampoules per hour.

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    Ampoule Filling Machine

    1. FILLING: Ampoule Filling Jig & Peristaltic Pump
    • Ensures clean filling, without wetting the ampoule wall where it is to be sealed.
    • Compact design: just 210 x 105 x 345 mm.

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    Twin Jet Ampoule Sealer

    1. SEALING: Twin Jet Ampoule Sealer
    • Sealing open or closed-type ampoules, 10 – 50ml.
    • Simple operation: the ampoule is held on the adjustable platform and turned while manually drawing off the ampoule top with tweezers.

    Note: The OC Ampoule Opener & Closer (above) can also be used to seal ampoules.

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    Apollo II Dimmable liquid inspection viewer

    1. INSPECTING: Apollo Liquid Inspection Units
    • Simple particulate detection solutions.
    • Optional model with 1.7x magnification.
    • Two models EU & US Pharmacopoeia compliant, for transparent containers.

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    Stainless Steel Vessels Churns Buckets Pails

    Premium Primary Packaging (brought to you by Adelphi Healthcare Packaging)

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