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    March 29, 2010

    Business is Booming!
    New flowmeter boom filling machines prove to be highly adaptable


    Flowmeter boom arm filling machines represent a significant advancement in precision and efficiency within the realm of liquid filling processes. These machines utilize flowmeters, highly accurate instruments for measuring fluid flow rates, to ensure precise and consistent filling levels. The integration of a boom arm enhances versatility by allowing for easier maneuverability and positioning of the filling nozzle. This feature is particularly beneficial in accommodating various container sizes and shapes. The boom arm design also contributes to minimizing spillage and waste, as it enables a more targeted and controlled dispensing process. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food and beverages leverage flowmeter boom arm filling machines for their ability to enhance production speed, accuracy, and overall operational efficiency, meeting the demands of modern manufacturing with precision and reliability.

    Designed for a variety of volumes including 10, 25 and 205 litre drums, these flowmeter boom fillers can also fill smaller containers providing useful back-up to other filling machines.

    Boom Filler

    The filling nozzle is attached to a height adjustable swinging boom arm, which allows the user a wide range of movement.  The stackable container or containers are placed on a pallet, which is then moved onto the machine platform and the required volume is entered into the batch control unit.  Pressing the start button activates the filling cycle and the nozzle descends into the container filling in a fast or slow pre-programmed manner, accurate to ±0.2%.

    With no pistons to clean, changeover time is greatly reduced and the need for cleaning effluent is minimised.  The machine takes liquid directly from a pressure pump or gravity feed into the container to be filled without being measured in a volumetric cylinder.  ATEX compliant versions are available.

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