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  • Filling Down Under

    June 4, 2010

    Yet more Adelphi products head to the other side of the World


    Australian Filling & Packaging Machines have recently purchased a twin head, double acting automatic filling machine in order to accomplish faster filling of 2-10L containers.

    The machine has a double acting cylinder which allows it to fill from 500ml – 10,000ml and comes complete with bottle stops which allow automatic gating of containers.

    According to AFPM’s Paul Herbison “Until recently, demand for this type of system has been very low, however there are now increasing demands for faster and more accurate filling which is a specialty of the double acting Masterfil range.”

    “Initiatives over the past few years have brought Masterfil to the forefront of in-line fillers and the PLC touch screen controls make setting of volumes and multiple speed filling easier than with traditional systems.”

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