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  • 1000th Liquid Viewer

    April 1, 2015

    Record Sales of Liquid Viewer20150203_150154

    Adelphi has recently reached a landmark with the production of our black and white Apollo II liquid viewers, manufacturing our 1000th unit. The Apollo II came about from a request by a customer in Denmark, who needed a light box that would conform to the European Pharmacopoeia. Unable to find one in the market at the time, they asked Adelphi to create a light box based on the specifications required. Therefore we set out to design an alternative to the existing Apollo I liquid viewer, and the Apollo II was born.

    The Apollo II liquid viewer has been sold into numerous hospitals, universities and laboratories all over the world. To mark our 1000th unit, we donated the 1000th viewer to our existing customer, Cancer Research UK at the University of Strathclyde. Cancer Research UK use the Apollo II units to check batches of vials containing anti cancer drugs for any visible particles within the liquid. Our sales representative Andy Clark went to see Andy Gray who works in the formulation unit at Cancer Research UK. Speaking to Andy, he advised that the Apollo II units have proved to be valuable pieces of equipment when checking for contaminants in liquids.







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