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    August 21, 2014

    ATEX rating ensures safety

    ATEX Volumetric Filling MachineATEX Packaging Equipment

    ATEX filling machinery refers to equipment designed and constructed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres, as defined by the ATEX directive. This directive is a European regulatory framework that sets standards for equipment used in environments where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, or combustible dusts may be present. ATEX filling machinery is crucial for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing, where the handling and packaging of substances with explosive potential are common. These machines are built with robust safety features, including explosion-proof components, to mitigate the risk of ignition and ensure the safety of both the operators and the production environment. ATEX filling machinery plays a pivotal role in maintaining compliance with stringent safety regulations and standards while facilitating efficient and precise filling processes in potentially hazardous settings.

    Adelphi has a long history of supplying ATEX rated filling and capping machinery to customers that package potentially explosive products.  Whilst there are a range of ATEX ratings, generally they require all electrics to be removed from the machine body and placed at a distance from the operating area, and materials have to be carefully selected to minimise the chance of sparking and static build up.

    It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to produce comprehensive documentation that is then stored securely by a third party.  This documentation is not signed off by anyone other than the manufacturer, rather it is assumed the machine is compliant, and the documentation is there for the authorities to interrogate should an accident occur.  Therefore, if you require an ATEX rated piece of equipment it is always wise to go to a reputable supplier with experience of producing ATEX compliant machinery.

    ATEX Packaging Equipment: Our latest Masterfil ATEX filler is a volumetric model (pictured), and will soon be filling industrial detergents.  It has been specified with an inbuilt CIP system for added convenience when switching between products.

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