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  • Sustainability in Design

    June 8, 2018

    [:en]Sustainability in Design



    ‘Sustainability in Design’ was the hot topic in this month’s edition of Packaging News Magazine, with industry leaders citing both the responsibility of designers to respond to sustainability issues, and the responsibility of companies to integrate sustainability ideas into their processes.

    Matt Oakley of Taxi Studio wrote for the magazine that consumers are “demanding an environmentally conscious attitude from brands”, with Nick Vaus of Free the Birds agreeing that “sustainability is becoming intrinsic to consumers’ purchasing decisions”.

    Adelphi are proud to have these concerns at the forefront of their company ethos: we produce machines with scalability and upgrade options, so that as your company grows and develops, our equipment can be amended accordingly. The Response volumetric semi-automatic filling machine (fig.1) is ideal for businesses wanting to move away from a manual filling process, but it can easily be mounted onto an automation base (fig.2) once production demands increase.


    At Adelphi we are distancing ourselves and our products from the outdated ‘throw it away and start again’ mentality which no longer fits with our social and environmental responsibilities. All our products are designed and created with longevity in mind; even our premises demonstrate how heavily we subscribe to this school of thought, as we have invested in low energy lighting, high quality insulation, rainwater harvesting, and photovoltaic panels that produce more power than we use.

    For more information or to discuss any of our products in more detail, please contact sales@adelphi.uk.com. For the full article, visit www.packagingnews.co.uk.



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