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    July 10, 2018

    Adelphi Helps Artisan Cosmetics Industry: Shared values, to support and promote sustainable business growth

    The artisan cosmetics market is booming, which spells good news for your business – people are wanting to invest in smaller businesses in their local community, which promote a sense of care, and are seen as more ethical and sustainable than large companies or brands.

    These values also relate to the Adelphi Group of Companies; the Group can trace its roots back to 1947, is family owned and managed, and will continue on to the next generation. This continuity of ownership has promoted a stability that is valued by our suppliers, staff and customers alike. Many of our relationships date back over decades, and are built on mutual respect and above all else, trust.

    We offer a range of semi-automatic and automatic filling, sealing, capping and labelling machines which improve output and reduce wastage for small and artisan businesses, without compromising the quality of their produce.

    For fledgling companies or those just beginning to think about automation, our hand-held or semi-automatic process equipment can help with small to medium batch production runs of varying containers. For those wishing to take the next step, many of our machines can be upgraded as your production demands increase, so you don’t have to invest in an entirely new machine each time requirements change: the Response range (pictured below) can be purchased as a semi-automatic bench top filling machine, but up to four of these can also be mounted on our Automation Base as your company grows.

    Adelphi also supply a range of high quality stainless steel process equipment, which includes mixing vessels, buckets, scoops and jugs, all to assist with the manufacturing process of cosmetics and beauty products.

    We are extremely proud of our services, products and facilities, and are always pleased to welcome customers and contacts to visit our site in West Sussex. If you would like to find out how Adelphi can help your artisan or small business, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email sales@adelphi.uk.com.


    Response semi-automatic filling machine                Response Automation automatic filling machine

    Response Semi-Automatic Bench-Top Filling Machine                                     Response Automation Base

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