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  • Welcome Renata, our new International Sales Manager

    January 13, 2020

    [:en]On Monday 6th January 2020, Adelphi were pleased to welcome new starter Renata Bartekova, who joins Adelphi Manufacturing and Pharma Hygiene Products in the position of International Sales Manager.

    After completing her Master’s Degree in International Business at the University of Economics, Renata went straight into Sales, where she has thrived for the last twenty years. This, she says, is for one simple reason – “I love it!”

    Renata brings a wealth of experience to her new role with Adelphi, gained during her time at Ishida Europe, where she was a core part of the International Sales team, and most recently at ABB Robotics UK, where her role as Business Development Manager saw her develop and implement their market strategy for the food and beverage industry.

    Renata describes her interview process with Adelphi’s Managing Director Chris, Sales Director Dean, and Associate Directors Samantha and Nicola, as immediately giving “a great impression about the friendly company culture”, and says that this is “definitely a very exciting role!”

    “Sales can be a very challenging job, however also a very rewarding one”, she continues. “Any sales success is possible only if there is excellent teamwork. It brings together fantastic work from the technical department through to the internal sales department, servicing team, marketing, finance, reception and all other colleagues who often work in background, but whose work is vital for the business success.”

    As her first week at Adelphi draws to a close, Renata enthuses “I already feel like I have been part of the team for a very long time! I am pleasantly surprised how well everything is organized, and have been since my first day.”

    A very warm welcome to Renata from all your Adelphi colleagues; we are all so excited to have you on board.[:]

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