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  • Visual Inspection of Challenging Products such as opalescent, coloured/opaque solutions and lyophilisates

    November 15, 2021

    Inspection of visible particles in biopharmaceuticals is essential, to search for both:

    • Impurities from the environment, equipment or packaging – For example hair, fibres or glass.
    • Impurities from the formulation or the product itself, or from the process – For example proteinaceous particles, silicone droplets, or inorganic precipitates.

    Apollo II High Intensity Liquid Inspection Viewer - Coloured Glass

    But how is it possible to visually inspect products such as opalescent, coloured or opaque solutions, or lyophilisates? To overcome the challenges presented by these products, the European Pharmacopoeia Commission recommends the following measures to improve detection rates:

    • Extended inspection times, to more than 5 seconds against both black and white backgrounds.
    • The use of light intensities higher than 3750 Lux.

    Apollo II Liquid Inspection Viewer

    The Apollo II High Intensity Liquid Viewer from Adelphi Manufacturing provides a light level of 8,000-10,000 Lux, which not only allows manufacturers of challenging products to accurately detect unwanted particulate contamination, but also enables inspection of liquids in coloured glass containers.

    Watch a video of the Apollo II High Intensity Liquid Viewer in action here >>>



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