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  • Adelphi Abroad: Rosefield Conference for Lubricants & Fuels

    December 15, 2023

    Adelphi Group company Adelphi Masterfil is delighted to be exhibiting at the 2023 Rosefield Conference for Lubricants & Fuels – Shaping Sustainable Strategies

    14th & 15th December, Nesco, Mumbai

    The Rosefield Conference for Lubricants & Fuels stands as a premier gathering in the realm of lubrication and fuel technologies, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry leaders, researchers, and professionals. This annual event serves as a melting pot for the latest advancements in lubricant formulations, fuel efficiency strategies, and emerging technologies within the energy sector. Attendees can expect a comprehensive program featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and technical sessions, providing a platform for the exploration of cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and best practices in the lubricants and fuels industry. The Rosefield Conference not only enhances industry understanding but also cultivates a community dedicated to advancing sustainable and efficient energy solutions for a rapidly evolving global landscape.


    The objectives of the conference as defined by hosts Rosefield Energy Tech are:

    • Drive Sustainable Success
    • Tap into Thriving Markets
    • Navigate Technological Frontiers
    • Connect and Showcase



    Adelphi Masterfil is connecting with customers to support their filling, capping and drum/IBC processing success.

    The manufacturing production of lubricants faces several potential challenges that can impact efficiency and product quality. One significant challenge is the complexity of formulating lubricants to meet diverse industry requirements, from automotive applications to heavy machinery. Achieving the right balance of additives, base oils, and performance characteristics demands precise engineering and rigorous quality control. Additionally, the sourcing and availability of raw materials, such as base oils and additives, can be vulnerable to fluctuations in global markets, impacting production costs.

    Maintaining consistent product quality poses another challenge, as variations in the manufacturing process or raw material composition can lead to performance discrepancies in the final products. Stringent environmental regulations and the increasing demand for sustainable solutions also add pressure on manufacturers to develop eco-friendly lubricants, further complicating the production process. Furthermore, ensuring the safety of workers, compliance with evolving industry standards, and addressing the need for continuous innovation to keep pace with technological advancements in machinery pose ongoing challenges for the lubricant manufacturing industry.

    To open a conversation with an Adelphi Masterfil expert, email your questions to info@adelphi.uk.com and our team will be delighted to assist you.


    Author: Rachel Birrell-Gray, Marketing Manager – Adelphi Group of Companies


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