• Bio Productions

    20% increase in productivity for Bio Productions

    Enabled by Adelphi Masterfil’s innovative R&D filling machine

  • Bio Productions is a multi-award winning manufacturer of environmentally conscious cleaning products for professional, janitorial and industrial use. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the critical role that cleaning and sanitation plays in everyday life; increasing the global demand for Bio Productions’ products at an unprecedented rate.

    Operations Manager Chris Freeman and Production Planner Tom Karn discuss the exponential growth and ongoing success of Bio Productions’ operations, whilst trialling a new System F-1800 R&D filling machine from long-time partner Adelphi Masterfil

    Industry Innovators

    Bio Productions have been an industry innovator since 1986, when they developed the very first user-friendly enzyme-based drain unblocker for the agricultural industry.

    Their expansive facilities house a fleet of Adelphi Masterfil machines, which are known for industry-leading precision filling – exceptional accuracy of up to ±0.1% on the servo filler or ±0.2% on the standard model – which reduces costly product waste for customers like Bio Productions.

    Faster filling – a pallet can now be filled, capped and ready to go in as little as 10 minutes – improves Bio Productions’ revenue potential, whilst clean-in-place (CIP) functionality drastically reduces the changeover time between different products, giving Bio Productions a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    Robust and Reliable

    Cutting edge products require cutting edge technology – especially when filling potentially challenging acidic products such as Bio Productions’ limescale remover.

    316L grade stainless steel ‘wetted’ parts on the System F-1800 contain an additional 2% molybdenum, for superior corrosion resistance.

    Operations Manager Chris also appreciates the serious longevity of Bio Productions’ oldest existing Masterfil filling machine, which has now been in operation for over 30 years, saying – “it’s filled a ridiculous amount of products over the years!”

    Increased Efficiency – Greater ROI

    Instant recipe recall functionality on the System F-1800 significantly reduces the set-up and changeover time when filling different products and container sizes. Rise-while-fill capability reduces product foaming; both of these features combine to increase Bio Productions’ achievable throughput per day, which is now as high as 12,500!

    Adelphi Masterfil’s remote support offering is also especially valued by Bio Productions. Chris enthuses that “there were some teething issues after installation, as expected with a development machine, but there’s been no problems since. Whenever there is an issue we can pick up the phone and someone will quickly assist or come and take a look.”

    Tom also praises the friendly and professional manner of Adelphi Masterfil’s engineering team; in particular Paul Rickman, who installed the new R&D machine: “he’s a good engineer and very personable, he got along with all the members of our team very well,” with Chris agreeing “he’s a really good egg!”

    Green Credentials; a Shared Focus on Sustainability

    Bio Productions and Adelphi Masterfil share a keen focus on environmental issues, with each leading from the front of their respective industry. Bio Productions have been given multiple ‘Green Apple’ awards for Environmental Best Practice, whilst Adelphi Masterfil’s multi-award winning eco-friendly production facility boasts solar panels, rainwater harvesting, air source heat pump and evaporative cooling (right) initiatives.

    “Tried, Tested, Trusted” – Quality Assurance Guaranteed

    An eye for detail and quality is evident at Bio Productions, as they use their four-man quality checking system to ensure no element of the product can be compromised. Both Bio Productions and Adelphi Masterfil are ISO 9001 quality certified, which independently verifies that the highest level of procedural standards are being met.

    Adelphi Masterfil also follows a comprehensive testing program for all of their machines, which includes in-build checking, dry testing, wet testing, pre-FAT testing and the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) itself. All of these steps ensure the reliability of the machines, to maximise customers’ production security.

    The System F-1800 in Numbers

    •A week after installation and production has increased by 20%

    •Increased productivity – an average of 10 pallets per day, but can achieve up to 18 pallets if required!•A pallet can be filled, capped and packed in just 10 minutes!

    •Filling throughput has reached 12,500L a day

    •CIP enables the team to be filling a different product within just 10 minutes; where a less modern automatic machine could take up to an hour to clean.

    “Would I recommend Adelphi Masterfil to another company in the industry? If I wanted to make a rod for my own back! But seriously, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.” Chris Freeman, Operations Manager

    Watch a video of the System F-1800 in-action at Bio Productions

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