• Delphi Foods

    International food manufacturer DOUBLES production with Adelphi machinery

  • The Challenge

    Delphi Foods required a filling and capping solution for their varied range of Greek foods products, including Houmous, Taramasalata and Tzatziki. Filled into 170g, 283g and 430g pots, the containers are heat-sealed before being capped, coded using an inkjet coder, and finally gathered on a rotary collection table.

    The Solution

    A modified decanting feed-system for pots was put in place, featuring vacuum suction into a starwheel. The filling system had an increased diameter inlet to the filling head, and larger than standard pipework to the nozzle. The nozzle was also increased in size to allow for a higher filling speed of the thick product.

    A simple control panel allows the operator to adjust the speed of the infeed table, the starwheel and capping head. The capping machine uses the same modified vacuum-suction decanting feed-system as the filler, and secures a push fit cap. Caps can be quickly changed for different product runs through the changeover of one small component on the capping head, making the machine very cost-effective and efficient to run.

    The Benefits

    Adelphi machines now fill around 80% of all Delphi Foods’ products.

    Their Managing Director Tony Styllis says “It is the high level of after-sales service from the efficient, highly skilled support staff, combined with the reliability and high build quality of the machines, which made Adelphi the obvious choice for Delphi Foods.” He continues “Adelphi’s machines have always met our requirements with both speed and accuracy. They have stood the test of time, and

    “the new machines have doubled our production over the last year, allowing us to become a great deal more competitive.”

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